DetecTor is an open source project to implement client side SSL/TLS MITM detection, compromised CA detection and server impersonation detection, by making use of the Tor network.

Read the DetecTor design and vision - (pdf)

Material presented at #30C3 conference: Lightning talk video, transcript and workshop slides.

Status: Early development. A sphere-probe utility (beta) is available (monitor your own server and alert on unexpected MITM certificates, or check for certificate consistency of direct and remote connections). Transparent integration into SSL/TLS client protocol code of the NSS library is intended.

Latest source code snapshot: sphere-detection-0.2.tar.gz

Source code repository: sphere-detection on GitHub

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Older documents and downloads.

The DetecTor project is independent of the Tor project, but encourages the use of the Tor software and the Tor network for its purposes. While a major goal of the Tor project is to implement anonymity, the DetecTor project doesn't attempt to achieve anonymity, but utilizes the distributed nature of the Tor network.